Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cure Hair Fall with Hair Transplant Treatment: Hair Specialist

Whether it’s a man or woman, everyone loves their hair. All of us put value to our hair that even the thought of losing it can be very painful and depressing.  There can be different causes for hair loss which can be hormonal, genetic predispositions, a head injury or extreme level of stress, unbalanced diet, varying from person to person. Even if you are suffering from mild case, consult a hair specialist in Delhi immediately before the condition become adverse to treat. It becomes easy to grasp the actual cause of hair loss.


Causes for hair loss:

Hair specialists in Delhi suggest some causes for hair loss which can be cured by the patient itself only through some care to hairs.
  • Balanced diet- A food is the basic need for your body, so is for your hair as well. Enrich your diet chart with more protein and vitamin supplements.
  • Level of stress- Stress is not the solution for your problem, then why to take it? Lower the level of stress and you will see the changes.
  • Pregnancy- During pregnancy, a woman faces so many hormonal changes in her body which results in hair fall as well. Hair fall is normal during pregnancy but if it’s too much then consult a hair specialist soon.
  • Heredity- In some cases, heredity can be a major cause for hair loss. And if not cured with medicines then hair transplant is the only way out.
How Hair Transplant works: Delhi Hair Specialists informs that this treatment works using both technique of hair transplant FUE and FUT (Strip method). Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves harvesting of hair follicles with surrounding tissues from one part of body (donor site) and placed artistically to bald or balding site (the recipient site). There is mainly two technique of follicle harvesting is in use one is called FUT (Strip method) and other is FUE (Follicular Unit extraction). Mainly genetically resistant hair follicles are transplanted to the bald scalp and new hair grow to stay for long life.