Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Some Don’ts to be Followed after the Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hairs are a crown of a person and what if a person loses his crown? Hair loss can be the worst nightmare, especially for men. Even the little sight of hair loss causing bald spot can put a guy into a panic condition. But, the hope is not lost with the emergence of the latest techniques of hair transplant in Delhi along with satisfied results. So, if you have decided to undergo the hair transplant treatment then there are some post-care tips that you should know before going through the treatment.

·         Do not wash the grafts just after the surgery:
After the hair transplant in Delhi, the patients are advised to not wash the scalp until 48 hours or unless directed by the surgeon. Later they can start washing the scalp with mild shampoo and rinse off with lukewarm water during the first 14 days after the transplant. After that the patient can resume to its normal scalp cleaning practices, but with caution.

·         Sleep in the correct position:
This is one the most superior post hair transplant tips to sleep in a position keeping your head elevated. The patient is advised to use two or more pillows or use a recliner chair to sleep in an elevated position. This will prevent the scalp from swelling as there are chances that the blood can flow away from the scalp.

·         Avoid exercise:
The patients are advice to avoid their exercise routine approximately for a week of recovery because the exercising activities can make the pulse rate go high above the resting position. The activities may include jogging, running, playing outdoor games, weight lifting, and yoga. Patients are advised to avoid these activities because during the first week the hair follicles are very flexible and can move or become dislodged.

·         Strictly following the prescribed medications:
Hair transplant in Delhi can be effective only if the patient strictly follows the prescribed medications to avoid irritation after the hair surgery.

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