Thursday, 6 April 2017

Best and Affordable Solution of Hair Transplant in Delhi for Bald Scalp

Do remember the fairy tale stories? Now what strikes your mind? A stunning grand house, huge farms, so many servants around, and a beautiful an elegant princess with black, straight, and healthy long hairs. Since the ancient times, our hairs have added significance to our physical appearance. Can you imagine a beautiful princess with bald look? Or can imagine a prince charming with thin or clear bald? I think you have understood the importance of hairs in our life. We mostly take the hairs for granted and does not much care for them and when the condition gets worst, we run to a dermatologist and expect from them to grow the hairs back again on your scalp in one day. Sounds like an impossible thing in earlier days, but not now. Scientists understand the impatience curiosity of a patient who is suffering from a severe hair fall and therefore, have invented the latest technology of hair transplant in Delhi. Though, getting the hairs back again on the bald scalp is now no more impossible.

Hair transplant is a process in which the doctors fill the bald scalp by moving hairs from other parts to the bald area. Doctors go through one of the either technique at an affordable cost for hair transplant in Delhi – FUSS or FOE.

Fuss (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) – In this technique, the surgeons removes a strip of 6-10 inch of the skin from the back side of the head. Next, the removed strip is divided into 500 to 2000 tiny grafts each with a few hairs on it. The type and number of grafting that you go through depends on the hair type, color, quality, thickness, and the size of the area from where you are getting the hairs transplanted. Once the strips are transplanted on the bald scalp, surgeons’ stich the area from where the strip was removed. 

FUE (Follicular unit extraction) – If you are undergoing this treatment, then the back of the head will be shaved and the hair follicles will be removed and planted to the bald scalp. 

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